MCU protects powerline-based communication from noise and distortion -

MCU protects powerline-based communication from noise and distortion

The M306S0F8DGP is the latest addition to the Renesas Electronics M16C/6S series of microcontrollers and includes integrated modems to enable low data rate communication using existing power lines.

It has 64-kilobytes flash memory and a powerline communication modem and is designed to cope with significant noise, distortion and other powerline phenomena and is suitable for street lights, building automation systems, smart applications and other command and control applications.

The MCU integrates Renesas Electronics’ M16C core along with an IT800 powerline communication modem with differential code shift keying (DCSK) modulation. This technology provides reliable communication within existing power lines and ensures data transmissions are not hampered by pulse noise or distortion.

Its communication methodology adheres to the standard developed by the HomePlug Command and Control industry alliance making it suitable for use in energy management and conservation initiatives such as intelligent street light control, smart metering, and home and building area networks.

Renesas Electronics is planning the imminent launch of serial interface software to enable the M306S0F8DGP MCU to be used as a simple transceiver. The software will provide additional benefits to system designers by enabling them to utilize the transceiver over the universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) interface.

More details are available here.

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