MCUs: Cypress Expands its USB MCUs into Low-Voltage Wireless -

MCUs: Cypress Expands its USB MCUs into Low-Voltage Wireless

San Jose, Ca. – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has just introduced its new enCoRe V Full-Speed USB peripheral microcontrollers (MCUs) and enCoRe V LV (Low Voltage) wireless MCUs.

The new highly-integrated families offer up to 32 KB of Flash memory, three 16-bit timers and up to 36 general purpose I/Os (GPIOs) to accommodate enhanced multimedia features in human interface devices (HIDs).

Cypress also introduced the CY3660 enCoRe V / LV Development Kit, which shortens the design time of laser mice, gaming controllers and keyboards, wireless dongles, remote controls, mobile handset accessories and Point-of-Sales devices.

The in-system reprogrammable enCoRe V and enCoRe V LV MCUs provide design flexibility with a 10-bit ADC, Flash memory with EEPROM emulation, and small form-factor packages.

The enCoRe V devices also include eight USB endpoints. The enCoRe V LV family operates between 1.7V and 3.6V, with low power consumption for prolonged battery life in wireless applications, especially when paired with Cypress's low-power WirelessUSB LP 2.4-GHz radio. All enCoRe MCUs include Cypress's patented crystal-less oscillator and integrated pull-up resistor to reduce component count and BOM cost.

According to Carl Brasek, director of HID Solutions in the USB Business Unit at Cypress, the CY3660 enCoRe V / LV Development Kit includes an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) that works in conjunction with actual silicon to provide an accurate and efficient development system.

License-free PSoC Designer software included with the kit consists of a graphical user interface, assembler, C compiler, and a linker and debugger for a highly integrated code development environment. Pre-configured code to implement standard-compliant Full-Speed USB and other peripherals simplifies design and shortens development time.

The CY3660 development kit includes two DVK Boards, Two WirelessUSB LP Radio Modules, Two 12V Power Supplies and a USB Type A to Mini-B Cable as well as PSoC MiniProg for programming the onboard On-Chip-Debugger chips, an LCD Module for data display and prototyping, the PSoC Designer software development tool and four firmware examples with complete source code.

The enCoRe V and enCoRe V LV MCUs are currently sampling with production expected in the third quarter of 2009. The CY7C643XX enCoRe V devices and the CY7C604XX enCoRe V LV devices are available in 16-, 32-, and 48-pin QFN packages. The CY3660 enCoRe V / LV Development Kit is available from the Cypress eShop at for $399.

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