MCUs feature enhanced performance, connectivity and security

Three STM32H7 microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics offer a 280-MHz Arm Cortex-M7 core with a double-precision floating point unit, memory options, and power savings for the next generation of smart devices. The STM32H7A3 and 7B3 MCU lines pack 1 to 2 Mbytes of flash memory and 1.4 Mbytes of SRAM, while the STM32H7B0 Value line provides 128 Kbytes of flash memory and 1.4 Mbytes of SRAM.

For applications that require advanced connectivity, the MCUs’ high CPU performance (1414 CoreMark /599 DMIPS) and flash density enable them to handle evolving RF communication protocols. The devices also deliver the power efficiency needed for machine-learning applications and neural networks. Graphics support includes a TFT-LCD controller interface, JPEG hardware accelerator, and Chrom-GRC for optimized RAM use.

Cyber protection features, such as secure boot/Root-of-Trust and hardware cryptographic/hash accelerators, are built-in. On-the-fly decryption extends protection to code stored in external serial memories by allowing encrypted content to be decrypted in real time.

Dual power domains afford flexible power management, and voltage scaling enables optimum efficiency in run and stop modes. Current consumption is 32 µA in stop mode with SMPS active and full RAM retention. Standby current is just 4 µA.

The STM32H7A3 and 7B3 lines come in BGA and LQFP packages with 4 to 225 pins. The STM32H7B0 MCUs come in BGA and LQFP packages with 64 to 176 pins. Prices start at $3.78 for the STM32H7A3RIT6 in lots of 10,000 units.

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