MCUs for single-phase metering and energy monitoring -

MCUs for single-phase metering and energy monitoring


Texas Instruments has added to its MSP430 range of microcontrollers with a family of 16-bit devices for single-phase metering and energy monitoring applications. The 24 F673x/F672x devices guarantee no interruption of operation through a backup capable MCU supporting real-time clock operation and power management from the main power supply and up to two separate auxiliary supplies. They also achieve provide precise measurements through an increased sampling rate and improved linearity over multiple operating conditions, such as current range and time.

These are TI’s first 6xx series microcontrollers with integrated 24-bit sigma-deltas and a 320-segment LCD controller. Compared to the previous 160-segment solution, this improves programmability and enable more characters on displays, especially with Asian languages.

The MSP430 Energy Library is available to support metrology software on the F673x/F672x devices to ease the development of utility meter products.

Developers can test and experience accuracy results with the MSP430F6736 EVM, a single-phase electricity meter (picture right) as well as program and debug F673x/F672x devices with the MSP-TS430PZ100B target board and MSP-FET430U100B flash emulation tool.

The 24-bit sigma-delta with programmable gain amplifier and less than 0.1 percent accuracy across a 2400:1 dynamic range enables the F673x/F672x family to meet class 0.1 meters and exceed IEC62053/ANSI C12.20.

The converter offers independent channels for voltage, current and tamper detection, reducing concerns over energy measurement software development and security.

The 320-segment LCD driver enables segment and blinking control and dual display memory, can also run in 8-MUX mode to support multiple LCD devices while the real-time clock and calendar mode operates from separate voltage supply with programmable charger for accurate data logging and measurements with no loss of data.

Power consumption is 1.4 µA in standby mode with a wake up time of less than 3 µs.

The MSP430F673x/F672x microcontrollers are immediately now, starting at $2.00 for 1K-units. The MSP-TS430PZ100B target board is available for $75 and the MSP-FET430U100B flash emulation tool is available for $149.
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