MCUs target industrial automation -

MCUs target industrial automation


Additions to the Renesas RX family of MCUs offer single-chip equipment control and networking for enhanced industrial automation. Based on an RXv3 32-bit CPU core, the RX72N Group and RX66N Group pack up to 4 Mbytes of on-chip flash memory that perform read operations at a frequency of 120 MHz, along with 1 Mbyte of on-chip SRAM.

The RX72N provides a maximum operating frequency of 240 MHz and two Ethernet channels, while the RX66N furnishes a maximum operating frequency of 120 MHz and one Ethernet channel. Their ample on-chip memory eliminates the need for external memory, which has slower read speeds, and enables high-resolution graphics support, such as WVGA.

Both the RX72N and RX66N incorporate a double-precision floating point unit and a register-bank save function that decreases interrupt response time. Additionally, the RX72N employs an arithmetic unit for trigonometric functions (sin, cos, arctan and hypot) that accelerates motor vector control. PWM timers, two-phase encoder pulse inputs, and 12-bit ADC converters are included in both groups.

The RX72N and RX66N MCUs are available now. Package options include LFQFP with 100, 144, or 176 pins; LFBGA with 176 or 224 pins; and TFLGA with 145 pins. The RX72N Envision Kit, priced at $60, enables microcontroller evaluation and HMI development.

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