MCUs - Zilog Enhanced SCC lowers voltage and increases performance -

MCUs – Zilog Enhanced SCC lowers voltage and increases performance


San Jose, Calif. – Zilog, Inc. has launched an enhanced low-voltage serial communications controller (SCC) for a variety of computing applications requiring increased performance and lower power consumption.

The Zilog Z8523L Enhanced SCC (ESCC) reduces voltage to 3.3 volts. The ESCC also features performance improvements that allow applications including computer peripherals, networking equipment and routers to experience faster data rates and increased processor bandwidth.

Before developing the 3.3 volt ESCC, Zilog customers used a regulator to achieve lower voltage with the original 5-volt Zilog SCC. The Zilog 3.3 volt ESCC has deeper FIFOs and other features that significantly reduce the software overhead for each channel.

Reduced software overhead allows for more channels per system, faster data rates with more CPU bandwidth, and overall lower CPU costs.

The ESCC can support multiple channel and multiple protocols that easily interface to 8/16-bit addressable non-multiplexed address/data buses.

The Z8523L can be configured to serve a wide variety of serial communications applications. On-chip features include baud rate generators, digital PLLs and crystal oscillators to reduce external logic. Additional features may include optimized FIFOs to support high speed SDLC transfers using DMA controllers.

The new ESCC handles asynchronous formats, synchronous byte-oriented protocols and synchronous bit-oriented protocols. It can generate and check CRC codes in any synchronous mode and can be programmed to check data integrity in various modes.

The Z8523L also has facilities for modem controls in both channels. In applications where these controls are not needed, the modem controls can be used for general-purpose I/O.

Zilog ESCC's are designed for use in multiple applications for serial communication needs. One of the key features offered by the ESCC is Extended Read Enable. Write Register values from the WR3, WR4, WR5, WR7, and WR10 can be examined in the ESCC. This feature improves system testability. It is also crucial for SCC/ESCC differentiation and allows generic software structures for all SCC/ESCC devices.

The Zilog Z85230 Enhanced SCC is in production and now available to ship to customers that place orders through distributors. For more information, visit

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