Measuring RF radiation in industrial environments -

Measuring RF radiation in industrial environments

Two portable instruments from Narda Safety Test Systems are designed for measurement of electromagnetic fields found in industrial environments such as RF heat sealers and vinyl welders, semiconductor fabrication equipment, RF induction, dielectric dryers and heaters, and plasma generation systems.

The battery-powered meters enable industrial plant managers and safety professionals to accurately ensure compliance with the IEEE C95.1-2005 standard and recommendations from ICNIRP that dictate maximum permissible exposure (MPE) to electromagnetic fields.

The NIM-511 and NIM-513 industrial field meters measure 1.5  x 2 x 8.1 in., weigh 1.3 lb,  and employ separate detectors to simultaneously measure electric and magnetic fields.

The NIM-513 operates from 10 to 42 MHz and its calibration reference frequencies include of 27.12 MHz, the operating frequency of most heat sealers and induction heaters, and 13.56 MHz employed by most semiconductor processing equipment.

The NIM-511 operates over a broader frequency range of 300 kHz to 100 MHz with a calibration reference frequency of 13.56 MHz, making it well-suited for virtually all equipment operating at the most common Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequencies.

There is no need to change probes to measure electric or magnetic fields as the probe contains sensors for measurement of both. Changing fields requires only pressing a button. There is also no need to change the range of values over which the meters will operate because they automatically display a numerical value over their entire measurement frequency range.

'Zeroing' is automatically performed at power-on and every 15 min. and calibration is required once every two years. Both instruments have an LED-backlit 1.5-in. LCD display, operate for about 22 hr. on a charge of their NiMH batteries, and are supplied with a hard case, power supply, and shoulder strap.

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