Media processor powers the digital home -

Media processor powers the digital home

Ubicom's latest processor is the first in a family of what the company is calling communications and media processors (CMPs). The StreamEngine 5000 CMPs are designed to meet the requirements for delivering multimedia content such as HDTV, VoIP, and online gaming to, and within, the digital home. CMPs provide designers with a low-cost platform that delivers high sustained throughput with deterministic packet processing for ultra low jitter, combined with application and interface flexibility not found in traditional architectural approaches.

Designed around the company's unique memory-to-memory and multithreaded processor architecture, StreamEngine 5000 offers efficient software execution by more than doubling the work that can be performed in each clock cycle, which increases price/performance. As the applications and services proliferate within the home, this processor architecture provides the capability to characterize multiple types of media applications, while processing them with precise timing to virtually eliminate the delay and jitter associated with RISC-based solutions. The architecture also allows multiple applications to be independently processed so they don't interfere with each other. For example, HDTV feeds can be streamed and VoIP calls can be originated and processed on-chip, even when other applications are running simultaneously on the network.

The StreamEngine 5000 family of communications and media processors, along with the complete hardware reference design and software development kit, is sampling now and will be available in volume production in the second quarter. More information is available at

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