Media tablets: The next TV? -

Media tablets: The next TV?

PARIS — Is the media tablet your next TV?
If your definition of “next-TV” is a 50-inch screen 4K UHDTV, you may disagree with the contention that you’re going to end up watching a seven-inch screen that fits in a purse. But in my humble opinion, that little tablet has already taken over.
When I say “next-TV,” I mean TV as a boob tube, not a “second-screen device.” Gartner, Inc., for example, predicts that the tablet will become “the principal force behind social TV experiences.”
You can certainly while away the hours doing all sorts of social stuff on your tablet, just as you watch a big-screen TV in the living room. No question. I do that, too. But I do suspect many of us also cuddle up with our tablet in a sofa or in a bed, simply to watch a movie or a TV show in selfish solitude — probably more often than we’d care to admit.
That idea of “the media tablet as your next TV” is the premise on which a number of companies — software and hardware developers included — are depending to capitalize their business in 2013 and beyond.
As discussed in a previous article entitled Retina Display badly needs video processing ,” the quality of mobile displays today is by far outpacing the quality of content streamed to mobile screens. Even though we should be enjoying on our tablet far better video, the reality is that we are watching is pretty crappy. Resolution limitations and flaws in video only get magnified in the newfangled high-resolution mobile displays.
Some chip companies are pondering a display processor specifically designed for tablets. Although no such chip has emerged on the market, Bruce Walicek, president and CEO at Pixelworks, discussed — in a recent quarterly financial analysts’ call — how display processing technology is becoming even more important on mobile devices.

References in Screen Resolutions and Sizes

source: NXP Software

NXP Software is similarly keen on filling in the “experience gap between content and screen.” The company is pitching its video sharpening software algorithms to mobile platforms.

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