Meeting the challenges of medical electronics -

Meeting the challenges of medical electronics


The cover story in the December, 2010 issue of ESD Magazine (click here for digital edition ) is “Bipolar vs. CMOS: Selecting the right IC for medical designs,” by Karthik Vasanth, Sandeep Oswal, and Eduardo Bartolome of Texas Instruments.

In it, the authors describe the compelling problems facing hardware developers of health electronics devices and systems, and take you step by step through the choices you will have to make.

Equally challenging, if not more so, is how to create reliable, accurate software for such safety-critical designs, according to ESD Magazine Editor Ron Wilson in his#include column in that issue. Many of these medical devices will be trying to do a great deal of control and signal conditioning with vanishingly small amounts of energy and tiny memory space ,” he writes. “That may force a return to a level of care in coding that many embedded designers have long since forgotten.”

Our job at in ESD Magazine and online at is to make sure that you do not forget. Among the several hundred online design articles, product how-tos, white papers, classes and webinars on medical design opportunities and challenges available on, some of my Editor’s Top Ten Picks are:

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To what extremes will medical devices of the future go? It’s an explosive new application area for embedded developers, but includes some staggering challenges. I would like to hear from you about the problems you face, how you are solving them and what resources we can provide to help you. Keep in contact!! ( Editor Bernard Cole, , 928-525-9087 )

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