Melexis and Open License Society link up -

Melexis and Open License Society link up

LONDON — Melexis and the Open License Society have reached an agreement which will see Eric Verhulst of Open License Society start up a new business unit at Melexis to focusing on systems and software engineering services.

According to Verhulst, who is director of the Open License Society, this is a unique opportunity as it provides a perfect development environment for OLS' methodology, coupling experience guided insight with real world applications in a demanding and resource constrained environment. Melexis becomes the main sponsor of Open License Society, allowing it to pursue its R&D road map independently but gaining early access to the tool chain as well as to the methodology itself.

Melexis will participate in the scientific committee helping to steer the road map in the right direction. Rudi De Winter, CEO of Melexis, said, “The methodology of Open License Society is the result of a long experience and we believe that adopting it is a long term investment for our company. It will offer our customers the competitive advantage of “first time right systems”, through a higher level of involvement in the whole process of developing the final system. We have outstanding semiconductor components, now we add software services as well, but of the highest standards.”

Melexis has been supplying semiconductor based components to the automotive industry for 10 years. Today, these sensors and systems”on-chip have evolved into smart and flexible devices by adding embedded digital signal processing capability as well as network interface and driver I/O functionality.

Open License Society is a private R&D Institute which was founded by Verhulst who has experience in developing demanding real-time software and embedded systems. After analyzing the high failure rate of industrial projects a new unifying systems engineering methodology was put forward. In this methodology a single but powerful and straightforward model is developed on the concept of 'Communicating Objects'.

Central in the approach is a shift towards up-front modeling and analysis. In the modeling phase maximum use is made of formal mathematical methods. This eliminates errors in the system design and reduces residual errors to a minimum, in particular of the software, even before implementation is started.

Open License Society is pioneering this approach with support of the Flemish Government and is setting-up a consortium at the European level to develop a complete toolchain.

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