Melexis develops 150-Mbit/s fiber optic MOST transceiver -

Melexis develops 150-Mbit/s fiber optic MOST transceiver


Concord, N.H.—Melexis has developed the MLX75605, a 150-Mbit/s fiber optic transceiver dedicated to the newly introduced MOST150 physical layer.

In March 2008, the MOST Cooperation (Media Oriented Systems Transport, the de-facto standard for multimedia and infotainment networking in the automotive industry) published its MOST Specification Rev. 3.0, enabling access to the newly defined MOST150 physical layer.

The MLX75605 is compliant with the 150-Mbit/s MOST physical layer and comes in a 24 pin SOIC package compatible with lead-free SMD processes. The transceiver includes integrated ferrule receptacles for both receiver and transmitter pigtails with high optical coupling efficiency. Light output is eye safe.

MLX75605 embeds a 650-nm light source, a 150-Mbit/s driver IC and a 150-Mbit/s monolithic receiver IC. The LED driver IC includes on-chip calibration circuitry, which allows trimming the transmitter light output. In this way the light output is within a narrow range over the entire temperature range -40°C to +95°C, as required for automotive infotainment networks.

The 150-Mbit/s receiver part consists of a PIN photo diode, TIA and end amplifiers integrated into one single die. This monolithic receiver IC enables high immunity against electromagnetic disturbances.

The monolithic Receiver IC (MLX75603) as well as the (RC) LED driver IC (MLX75604) are also available in die form.

Pricing: $3.56 at 100k quantities.
Availability: Now.
More information: Click here.


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