Memory controllers transfer USB data from storage devices -

Memory controllers transfer USB data from storage devices


Cupertino, Calif.— IntellaSys expanded its OnSpec memory controller line with two devices—the xSil267 and xSil268—that are designed to enable secure and rapid USB data transfer from storage devices such as Flash and hard-disk drive (HDD) media.

The xSil267 controls serial-only, multi-slot applications such as those in which Secure Digital (SD), Multimedia Card (MMC), and Memory Stick (MS) media interface with a PC Express Card adapter or USB Host. And the xSil268 controls both serial and parallel interfaces for multi-slot applications enabling it to read from a wide range of media formats, including UDMA CompactFlash (CF), MMC 4.1, SD 2.0 and IDE/ATAPI HDD as well as their variants.

The xSil267 and xSil268 feature a 128-bit, hardware-embedded, encryption/decryption function that can be enabled via firmware. This is a key feature for applications in which a specific media is used and partitioned to store encrypted information.

Fully compliant with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), this security feature is augmented by two-level software authentication of passwords. According to Bryan Chin, OnSpec product marketing manager, any unauthorized attempts to decipher the 3.4×1038 keys embedded in each chip at rate of one key per second would take 149 trillion years to determine all possibilities.

Designed with integrated USB 2.0 PHY, both xSil267 and xSil268 pack a 16-bit processor along with a serial EEPROM port, two general purpose timers and a watchdog timer. Each device supports both Reads and Writes for SD-HS compliant media with sustained transfer rates exceeding 20MB/s as well as MS PRO media with sustained transfer rates of up to 18MB/s and MMC cards that have 4-bit and 8-bit buses with sustained transfer rates of up to 20MB/s.Both devices also provide programmable R/W widths plus optimally controlled hardware transfer for speed and scalability.

The xSil267 is packaged in a 48-pin 16mm x 16mm QFP while the xSil268 comes in a 100-pin 16mm x 16mm QFP.

Pricing: OEM pricing information is being disclosed only to qualified manufacturers.
Availability: Both devices are in production and now sampling along with evaluation boards to qualified OEMs.

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