Memory modules target applications needing small form factors -

Memory modules target applications needing small form factors

FREMONT, CA—SMART Modular Technologies has launched a family of DDR2 32-bit 200-pin SO-DIMMs aimed at multi-function printers (MFP) and embedded computing applications.

An industry first, the 32-bit 200-pin SO-DIMMs are designed to provide a low-cost, scalable memory solution as an alternative to the traditional method of soldering discrete devices directly to the system board. Offered in densities ranging from 128MB to 512MB, SMART's SO-DIMMs can be configured with device bit widths of x8 or x16. System architects can select either type, depending on their processor's functionality and system features sets.

The 32-bit 200-pin SO-DIMM product family utilizes existing JEDEC SO-DIMM standard designs, making it possible for printer and embedded computing applications to use low-cost connectors without the need for re-keying. The JEDEC standard designs have gone through rigorous signal integrity checking and incorporate the same devices that are used in notebook SO-DIMMs.

SMART's 32-bit 200-pin SO-DIMM designs are based on Intel®'s 32-bit SODIMM Addendum to the JEDEC 64-bit SO-DIMM standard specification. The x32 DDR2 SO-DIMMs start at $21.00 for the 128MB in OEM quantities. Product availability is based on a 4 to 6 build-to-order schedule. Click here for more information.

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