MEMS oscillator for IoT and mobile -

MEMS oscillator for IoT and mobile


SiTime Corporation recently announced a new family of µPower MEMS Oscillators for the wearable, IoT and mobile markets. The SiT8021 oscillator is the first device in this family. The company claims that the device consumes 90% lower power, is 40% smaller, and 70% lighter than existing quartz devices. This product enables long battery life as well as the small size and weight for smart watches, fitness bands, tablets, smart phones, portable audio and accessories. 

The oscillator typically drives low power microcontrollers, audio interfaces, glue logic (CPLD), SoCs and USB charging.

Key Specifications


Low Power capability

To generate a MHz frequency from an oscillator, a designer may use a kHz reference or a MHz reference. The benefit of using a kHz reference is that it consumes much lower power. The SiT8021 uses a 524 kHz MEMS resonator and utilizes a highly optimized PLL to attain excellent performance. Battery-operated devices will run longer between charges with the 100 uA operating power dissipation of this oscillator.

The oscillator can use only 1.8V operation for battery powered applications.

Drive capability

The MEMS oscillator is capable of driving two loads which reduces the BOM, eliminates the need for a second XO or XTAL; this saves space, cost. The device has programmable output drive strength for best EMI or driving multiple loads


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