MEMS sensors for advanced mobile applications -

MEMS sensors for advanced mobile applications

According to Jay Esfandyari, Paolo Bendiscioli, and Gang Xu, of STMicro in “MEMS sensor for advanced mobile applications,” MEMS sensors include, among others, accelerometers (ACC), gyroscopes (GYRO), magnetometers (MAG), pressure sensors (PS) and microphones (MIC).

These sensors have been integrated in the last few years in portable devices because of their low cost, small size, low power consumption and high performance.

Fast CPU’s with multi-tasking OS platforms, high sensitive GPS receivers, 3G / 4G wireless communication chipsets, high-resolution digital video cameras, touch screen LCD displays and large storage size are common in smartphones.

The use of MEMS sensors is then no longer limited to existing applications such as screen rotation, power saving, motion detection, E-Compass and 3D gaming.  More advanced applications for MEMS sensors, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Location-Based Services (LBS), Pedestrian Dead-reckoning (PDR) are currently being developed.

This article discusses the role of MEMS sensors in advanced applications in mobile devices including Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR), LBS and the solution of MEMS sensor fusion integrated with a GPS receiver to determine the position and orientation using the dead-reckoning method.

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