Mentor Graphics' Inflexion UI speeds Android app development -

Mentor Graphics’ Inflexion UI speeds Android app development

Mentor Graphics Corporation's new Inflexion User Interface (UI) toolkit for Android is a comprehensive development kit comprising a graphics engine and UI creation tool that enables rapid customization of UIs for Android devices, including 2D and 3D animated elements for increased product differentiation.

The new UI toolkit is targeted for smart phones and consumer devices where product differentiation is critical, and for non-smart phone Android and Linux-based devices such as televisions, set-top boxes, printers, infotainment systems, and other products which would otherwise require significant UI development effort.

The Inflexion Platform UI for Android provides a rapid design and implementation methodology through a drag and drop tool and then automatically generates Java interfaces, integrates code, and creates required files in minutes versus days, eliminating the need for complicated coding and expert knowledge of OpenGL/ES APIs.

By separating an application’s visual and interactive characteristics from the underlying functionality, the Inflexion Platform UI for Android enables the application software engineering and the UI implementation teams to work independently on their tasks for increased productivity and optimal GUI effects. Completely new interface designs can be created without programming or scripting because the Inflexion Platform UI tool automates key interactive behaviors necessary for UI performance.

The Inflexion Platform UI Express enables a multitude of animations and 3D effects, such as spinning, zooming, reflections, textures, and per-pixel lighting variations. The UI can be altered without changing the underlying application logic, enabling design components to be easily reused across screens or other products. As a result, Android device designers can retarget their Inflexion-based Java applications for a variety of products in minutes, with different UI “skins” for different end-products without coding.

“Mentor’s Inflexion UI for Android quickly morphs the default Android UI to sophisticated and differentiated UIs for specific vendors, products, and applications,” said Glenn Perry, general manager, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division.

Pricing and Availability
The Inflexion Platform UI for Android is available now, starting at $39,000 USD plus royalty, including support and one seat of the UI Express tool. Versions of the Inflexion Platform UI for Nucleus and Linux operating systems are also available. For more information on the Inflexion Platform UI products, visit the website at

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