Mentor initiative helps start-up Mirics -

Mentor initiative helps start-up Mirics

LONDON — Mirics Semiconductor used Mentor Graphics tools to design its recently announced RF tuner product and has also been helped in its start-up mode by the Cre8Ventures initiative of Mentor Graphics.

Cre8Ventures aids start-ups during early stage growth by providing commercial standard office and lab space, and by removing some of the constraints of typical commercial letting agreements.

“We have a long standing partnership with Cre8Ventures and when the time came for us to consolidate our activities onto a single site, Cre8Ventures was able to provide the perfect environment but without overly constraining letting terms,” said Simon Atkinson, CEO, Mirics Semiconductors.

Cre8Ventures has worked with Mirics since the company's inception in early 2004 and as a result, they were the first to benefit from use of the Fleet offices.

“How we help start-ups varies according to their needs. Typically, discussions and activity focuses on the route-to-tools, route-to-funding, and route-to-market challenges,” said Carson Bradbury, Director of Cre8Ventures. “But the initiative is constantly exploring novel ideas to shorten start-ups' run-way to revenue. Now that Mirics has emerged from stealth-mode – already with sampling products – we are extremely proud to share this news.”

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