Mentor - NI collaboration speeds test bench development -

Mentor – NI collaboration speeds test bench development


In an effort to provide test-oriented feedback to design teams throughout the design process Mentor Graphics Corp. and National Instruments have cooperated to develop the SystemVision SVX Client environment for the NI LabVIEW software.

It allows designers to develop their test bench against a virtual prototype based upon their specification, and then use the exact same test bench in the NI LabVIEW software on physical prototypes. This process allows test bench development to be done in parallel with system development and prototyping, speeding time to market and time to certification.

Test program development can be carried out without waiting for physical prototypes. The SystemVision SVX environment provides a virtual prototyping of the entire system, while the LabVIEW software implements test program development and execution.
A case study of this approach will be presented by a major implantable medical electronics company at the upcoming NIWeek 2010 graphical system design conference.”
The SystemVision SVX environment is a virtual execution environment that connects otherwise isolated, domain-specific modeling and software tools dynamically—at any phase of the design process—over a secure, managed signal channel.

Its client-server architecture provides for precise, distributed, time-synchronized interfaces between signal generators and consumers, which are easily placed, as symbols, in graphical tools.

In addition, a C/C++ application programming tnterface (API) makes it easy for application embedded software to interact with models of control systems, multi-physics subsystems, sensors and actuators, and analog and digital electronics.

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