Mentor teams up with partners for industrial automation -

Mentor teams up with partners for industrial automation

Teaming up with companies such as Qt for its GUI expertise, Wurldtech for its SCADA background and Icon Labs for its wireless IoT security framework, Mentor Graphics this week at the ARC industry form announced a major push into the industrial automation market.

At the core of the effort is the company's new Mentor Embedded multi-platform framework announced this week at the ARC Industry forum. It includes a range of runtime platform options, customized development tools, system partitioning, power management, safety certification and system characterization tools, and multicore support (Figure below ).

Key elements of the industrial frame work include:

1) The Nucleus RTOS with optional IEC 61508 safety certification and Wurldtech Achilles communications certification

2) Mentor's Embedded Linux distribution with integrated industrial protocols, SELinux mandatory access control support and its Sourcery CodeBench tool suite.

3) A Type-1 hypervisor technology for partitioning and separation eithe RTOS and/or Linux applications

4) Mentor's Sourcery Analyzer tool for advanced debug and system characterization, 5) A Qt graphics user interface optimized for use in embedded automation control applications, and

5) A customiszed open source tool chain for optimizing optimize hardware components, code footprint, and application performance to the needs of the industrial environment.

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