Merchant SoC targets industrial motor circuit protection apps -

Merchant SoC targets industrial motor circuit protection apps

Teridian Semiconductor has chosen as its first entry into the industrial automation and control market an electronic trip unit system-on-chip for industrial motor circuit protection and circuit breaker applications.

The 71M6403 Electronic Trip Unit, said Steve McClure, vice president of marketing for Teridian, provides reliable start-up in motor circuit protection applications, preventing damage to the motor and increasing the useful life of the motor.

The device can also be used in air, molded case, and insulated circuit breakers in factories, utilities and commercial buildings.

This programmable device can be tuned according to voltage, current, rate of voltage increase and rate of current increase. The 71M6403 is also designed to trip instantaneously on threshold events within less than 7 ms from power on, or can be set to trip on delay, based on user-determined current and voltage profiles.

Using a proprietarty single converter technology, the 71M6403 incorporates a 22-bit delta-sigma ADC, 7 current sensor inputs, digital temperature compensation, precision voltage reference, 32-bit programmable computation engine, timers, Real Time Clock (RTC), two UARTs and a single cycle execution 8-bit MCU.

Armed with an internal digital di/dt integrator, this programmable device supports either current transformer (CT) or Rogowski-Coils for any or all input channels and provides instantaneous and delayed over current, earth-leakage, ground-fault and arc fault protection functions.

Furthermore, said McClure, the device may be configured to support any number of conventional or custom protection algorithms that fit specific load configurations in the field. The 71M6403 also includes a 5V LCD charge pump as well as 3V LCD support with up to 168 pixels display and up to 22 DIO pins.

Teridian's 71M6403 Electronic Trip Unit is currently available in production volumes, and pricing is available upon request. Data sheets and 71M6403 evaluation kits are also available now.

Teridian Semiconductor
Irvine, Ca.

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