Metalink ICE is cool with Dallas Semi C400 -

Metalink ICE is cool with Dallas Semi C400

MetaLink Corp. has added support for the DS80C400 network microcontroller from Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim to its MetaICE-XF family of emulators. The 8-bit DS80C400 microcontroller is based on an enhanced version of Dallas' 80C51 core architecture, which includes a flat 16MB address space. This communications intensive microcontroller includes a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, three serial ports, a CAN 2.0B controller, 1-Wire Master and 64 I/O pins. An on-chip ROM supports a network boot capability (Ethernet or serial), implements UDP, TCP, DHCP, ICMP and IGMP and provides a TCP IPv4/IPv6 network stack. The ROM also includes a preemptive, priority-based task scheduler to simplify multi-channel communications applications.

The MetaICE-XF is an 8051 emulator design that measures 3.3″ by 3.0″ and includes the following features: 2MB code memory, 2MB external data memory, 512KB frames of trace memory with time stamp, SFR write data in trace memory, hardware breakpoints, support for the on-chip ROM functions and capabilities ,and up to 40MHz CPU operation.

The SFR Write Data is a unique feature of the MetaLink emulator, according to the company. This feature captures in the emulator's trace memory every direct data write to a special function register (SFR) in real time. It provides visibility into the internal data flow of the program's execution.

The DS80C400 contains Enhanced Hooks, a MetaLink patented emulation technology licensed to Dallas Semiconductor.

The The MetaICE-XF is available now for $4,000.

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