Metrics based methodology aims to improve software testing -

Metrics based methodology aims to improve software testing


MindTree has introduced the MindTest methodology to improve predictability in software testing and quality management and help customers measure the quality of the software and improve their return on investment in terms of cost, quality, time, and risk.
The methodology integrates all the components of a testing engagement, manages the quality of testing, and delivers measurable and predictable software quality. It includes delivery, domain, technologies, tools, training, frameworks, quality, and knowledge management to help customers achieve a higher level of test maturity.

MindTest is a metric-driven approach that provides a 360-degree view of software quality, quality of testing, test management, testing processes and test automation efficiency.  These metrics enable effective quality management of the test effort, which can have substantial impact on the quality and integrity of the information resulting from the test efforts. The metrics can also improve governance, project management, accuracy in estimates and transparency to the client.

MindTree has defined the MindTest methodology based on best practices established through testing applications and systems which were extensively used in an environment of continuous process improvement. 

The tools used include:

  1. Test Quality Index (TQI) – Assesses quality compliance of testing process and software;
  2. Testing Metrics Analysis and Decision framework (TMAD) – Aligns metrics with business goals;
  3. ProcessNet – Integrated process repository tuned to the type of testing, domain, tools, and technologies;
  4. TestDashboard – Dashboard that provides the engagement health status in every aspect a business needs;
  5. ProjectSpace – Knowledge management base.

A video provides a more visual introduction while a pdf is available with more details.

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