Metrowerks to supply applications for Motorola's DSP56800E processor -

Metrowerks to supply applications for Motorola’s DSP56800E processor

AUSTIN, Texas ” Metrowerks announced last year (Oct. 2002) that is delivering an advanced version of its “CodeWarrior” development tools for the Motorola 56800E, both as a digital signal processor (DSP) and as a microcontroller (MCU). This will help developers build and deploy even the most sophisticated systems quickly and easily, the company said.

CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSP56800E, Version 2.0, is designed for application development targeting a variety of vertical markets including motor control, telephony, industrial control, Internet radio and wireless messaging.

This software development environment seamlessly integrates the project manager, build system, editor, compiler, linker and debugger. Also included in this version is an instruction set simulator that allows developers to start writing code prior to hardware availability. Additionally, the product is designed to support Motorola's DSP56838E, DSP56852E, DSP56858E and all subsequent Evaluation Modules (EVMs).

CodeWarrior Analysis Tools (CATS) for DSP56800E

Metrowerks is also delivering CodeWarrior Analysis Tools (CATS) for Motorola DSP56800E, Version 1.0. This new add-on product is designed to help developers quickly analyze and increase the performance of their code.

CATS for DSP56800E includes a hierarchical profiler designed for higher granularity when profiling to pinpoint performance bottlenecks, plus a visual code coverage tool designed to measure, analyze and help improve the overall quality of the code. All analysis results are displayed in an easy-to-read graphical format represented by charts, lists and code trees so that developers can quickly determine what is hindering code performance.

Metrowerks' CATS tools have been used by games developers to optimize the performance of their code. Games, like embedded systems, have strict performance requirements. The use of the CATS tools has enabled games developers to analyze their code in detail, thereby promoting code execution with greater speed and efficiency.

CodeWarrior Host-Target Interface

The ability to interact with a running target is a critical requirement for DSP application development. To observe and understand application behavior under real-world conditions, developers need a new generation of host-target interface technology. CodeWarrior Host-Target Interface (HTI), available with CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSP56800E, Version 2.0, provides a high-performance, Ethernet-based solution optimized for the DSP56800E architecture.

The HTI enables data transfer between the host computer and the on-chip emulation module of a 56800E processor with minimal intrusion, eliminating the slow download times and run control problems commonly associated with JTAG-based, run-control connections. Using CodeWarrior HTI, developers can dramatically shorten the edit/compile/download and debug cycles associated with creating complex DSP software.

Availability and Pricing

CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSP56800E, Version 2.0, and CodeWarrior Code Analysis Tools for Motorola DSP56800E, Version 1.0, are expected to be available in early November direct from Metrowerks at and from Metrowerks' authorized distributors. The suggested retail prices are $1795 (USD) per license for CodeWarrior Development Studio for DSP56800E, and $700 for CodeWarrior Code Analysis Tools for DSP56800E. The CodeWarrior Host Target Interface is available for a suggested retail price of $2750, and the Standard Embedded Support Package is available for $360.

More information is available from Metrowerks by telephone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-997-4700, and by e-mail at

Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is today an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola, Inc, headquartered are in Austin, Texas. More information is available or

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