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Micrium, Embedded Office GmbH team on safety-critical Cert-Kits


Micrium, Inc. and Embedded Office GmbH & Co. KG are now making available prepackaged RTOS certification kits (“Cert-Kit”) to reduce cost and accelerate development of safety-critical applications. Complete Cert-Kits are now available for industrial controls, medical applications, and transportation based on Micrium’s µC/OS-II kernel.http://micrium.com

“When designing for safety-critical applications like avionics, industrial controls, medical and transport, the process of certifying embedded devices is widely acknowledged to be time consuming and expensive,”said Jean Labrosse, president and CEO of Micrium. “This means that designers are looking for products that can accelerate certification. One major piece is selecting a real time operating system that meets certification criteria for performance and reliability, which has a proven track record of certifications for safety-critical devices. “

Beyond using a proven kernel, the pre-packaged certification kits have been designed to accelerate the certification process, greatly reducing time and costs. He said the Cert-Kit forms the basis of all documents required for the certification of a safety-critical product using an RTOS as well as all of th other elements required for creating an executable application. These include the certified source code, various software manuals such as safety, target integration, user, reference and system, validation software (including reference board support package) and the TÜV certificate pertaining to the type approval.

Upon request, the test environment can also be made available to customers. The following Cert-Kits based on µC/OS-II are now available: IEC61508 certification for industrial applications through SIL-3, IEC62304 certification for medical applications through Class C, and EN50128 for railway applications through SIL 4

Labrosse said two Cert-Kits are available, both come with a complete real-time kernel; the µC/OS-MPU™ Cert-Kit for CPUs with MPUs or MMUs, and the µC/OS-II Cert-Kit for hardware without memory protection. “Because the real-time kernel is pre-certified, only compliance with the safety manual needs to be proven to obtain certification,” he said. “This eliminates the need to manage and understand all artifacts of a certification of the real-time kernel, significantly reducing the time to certification.”

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