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Micro Digital is offering free SMX Learning Kits

Micro Digital is offering free SMX Learning Kits (L-Kits) for non-commercial purposes such as RTOS study, class projects, system prototypes, and experimentation. L-Kits are fully functional versions of smx that run on ultra-low-cost boards popular in the DIY/maker community from vendors such as STMicro and TI. They are tightly integrated with the easy-to-use and powerful IAR EWARM development suite and include all of the necessary BSP code, project files, etc. to build and run out of the box. A free, size-limited version of EWARM is available from IAR.

L-Kits also include the User's Guide and Reference Manual, also at no charge, as well as a small application and esmx source code, which runs with it. One can easily step through each example to learn how it and the related smx services work. smx is designed with structures and enums in a way that promotes clear understanding of what is happening in the debugger watch window.

Micro Digital states that n view of the growing shortage of skilled RTOS programmers, the company has recognized that smx is an ideal RTOS learning tool. The examples in esmx actually run and programmers can step through them and make experimental modifications, while reading related descriptions in the tutorial smx User's Guide. The debugger with the smxAware plug-in provides a good view of what is happening.

SMX L-Kits are offered as a service to the embedded community. There is no time limit on their use, and users will not be contacted by sales personnel. This is a unique opportunity to investigate what a full-featured, innovative RTOS can do.

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