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Micro Focus releases requirements tool

Rockville, Maryland – Micro Focus has launched CaliberRDM, a new tool which will help engineering and project team managers reduce failures in their software development projects.

CaliberRDM combines requirements definition and requirements management capabilities, allowing managers to set clear goals for software development projects and track their progress through to completion.

The product allows unlimited numbers of stakeholders to review simulations of proposed applications completely license free, and also jump-starts testing by synchronizing requirements and test cases so that test planning and execution may be conducted earlier in the development cycle, a key feature of Micro Focus' CQA proposition.

According to Micro Focus' Rich Novak poor requirements definition and management are responsible for the vast majority of project failures and the amount of waste generated in subsequent stages of the software development lifecycle.

“This must be improved if companies are to avoid overspend and project Failure,” he said. “By combining the two processes, we can now offer an end-to-end solution, which will streamline the development process, cutting waste and costs in the process. Research has shown that defects identified during the requirements definition stage are generally 100 times cheaper to resolve than when spotted during testing.”

CaliberRDM makes use of simulations to provide project stakeholders with highly accessible, interactive and visual experiences of using proposed applications, allowing analysts and target users to visualize the application’s logic and request amends early on, as well as throughout the development process.

Making changes earlier in development, said Novak, is far more straightforward than later in the process, and can therefore result in significant savings for project managers.

By emphasizing the role of requirements definition early in the development lifecycle, he said, organizations are able to build quality into their software rather than test defects out at the end of the process.

CaliberRDM's license-free reviewer capability enables increased stakeholder reach, streamlining the requirements process by allowing any number of people to become active participants in application development at no additional cost.

This can be done using a web browser anywhere in the world, meaning that development work undertaken abroad can still be followed closely. Lack of stakeholder involvement has consistently been recognized as one of the primary reasons for project failure in a number of recent studies.

To learn more, go to www.microfocus.com.

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