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Micro-Mechatronics expert working group founded

ELECTRONICA, Munich — The Microsystems Cluster (Landshut University, Germany) and the Mechatronics & Automation Cluster (Augsburg, Germany) are merging their expertise and jointly launching the Micro-Mechatronics expert working group.

The group’s is to initiate and moderate solutions for application-oriented problems in the field of micro-mechatronics and to integrate the related experts into project networks.

The micro-mechatronics expert working group aims to be a working forum that is open for all enterprises, service providers, universities and research institutes and provides active assistance for all kinds of micro-mechatronics applications. The working group will also focus on own topics like acquiring basic knowledge for specific problems.

Depending on the problem, the expert working group will identify the competent specialists and encourage them to co-operate across technical disciplines.

In order to make the working group’s expertise available to as many fields of application as possible, it is the group’s intention to undertake further education and knowledge transfer to enable the use of the expertise gained in projects in new and additional fields. As well as the Landshut and Augsburg clusters, the Application Centre for Hybrid Microsystems (promicron), Kaufbeuren and the Micro-Mechatronics Centre of the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro-Integration (Fraunhofer-IZM), Oberpfaffenhofen are the founding members of the expert working group.

At their constitutional meeting, the founding members agreed on the following five core topics: Components with built-in intelligence, simulation technologies, packaging and connection methods, integration of sensors and actors as well as reliability analysis.

In order to communicate its events and project work, the Micro-Mechatronics expert working group will use the existing Internet platform of the Mechatronics & Automation Cluster.

The founders of the Micro-Mechatronics expert working group (from right to left): Dr. Rainer Wunderlich (Managing Director of promicron, Kaufbeuren), Dr. Helmuth Gesch (Vice President of Landshut University), Dr. Frank Ansorge (Head of the Micro-Mechatronics Centre at the Fraunhofer-IZM, Oberpfaffenhofen) and Tom Weber (Manager of the Microsystems Cluster, Landshut).

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