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Micro Memory expand VMETRO’s horizons


LONDON — VMETRO (Oslo, Norway) has acquired Micro Memory, a privately held company with headquarters in Chatsworth, California.

Micro Memory provides high performance board-level products for streaming signal and image processing, real time data acquisition, memory nodes, and enterprise network storage.

The acquisition of Micro Memory should improve VMETRO’s capabilities to serve existing defense and aerospace customers and further increases VMETRO’s market diversification. Its real-time embedded system products will add breadth and depth to VMETRO’s embedded digital signal processing and high-performance data recording range.

In addition to providing VMETRO a broader embedded product portfolio, the acquisition will enable further diversification into a new market sector through sales of Micro Memory’s Umem NVRAM cards. These solid-state, non-volatile random access PCI memory cards increase performance while maintaining reliability in storage servers and appliances.

The acquisition provides an experienced, U.S.-based engineering team with proven capabilities in producing complex embedded products.

Micro Memory’s U.S.-based operations should also improve VMETRO's ability to sell into programs where U.S. engineering and manufacturing facilities are strongly favored – especially programs that involve sensitive information subject to United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) which limit the involvement of non-US personnel.

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