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Microchip adds 3 new low-power SPI Flash memory devices

Microchip's new SPI Flash memory devices SST25PF020B, SST25PF040B and SST25PF080B offer 2-, 4- and 8-Mbits of memory and are manufactured with Microchip’s high-performance SuperFlash technology – a split-gate, NOR Flash design with thick-oxide tunneling injector for superior quality and reliability. The new memory devices feature extended operating voltage range from 2.3 to 3.6V, extremely low power consumption, small-footprint packaging, and fixed super-fast program and erase times.

The memory is partitioned into uniform 4 Kbyte sectors, and 32 and 64 Kbyte blocks, offering flexible erase capabilities and seamless partitioning for program and data code in the same memory block. All three devices enable designers to reduce their overall product design cycles and total system costs while improving product performance.

The SST25PF020B, SST25PF040B and SST25PF080B SPI Flash devices offer flexible erase and program performance, including erasing sectors and blocks as fast as 18 ms, erasing the entire Flash memory chip in 35 ms, and a word-programming time of 7µs using Auto Address Increment (AAI) and also offer superior reliability of 100,000 endurance cycles, typical, and greater than 100 years of data retention. The active read current of these devices is only 10 mA, typical, at 80 MHz, and standby current is only 10 µA, typical.

Targeted applications include smart meters, wireless products for sports/fitness/health monitoring, digital radios, low-power Wi-Fi products, GPS, and a wide array of battery-operated products. Additionally, these SPI Flash memory devices are well suited for use in medical applications, such as glucose meters, hearing aids and wireless sensors.

More information: SST25PF020B, SST25PF040B, SST25PF080B

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