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Microchip juices up power delivery on USB controllers

Adding additional flexibility to the USB 3.0 standard's power delivery capabilities, Microchip Technology released at the Computex Taipei show in Taiwan a new family of USB power delivery (UPD) controllers.

The new UPD100X controller  makes it possible to use a single USB cable for data, and simultaneously deliveri up to 100W of power from a single standard USB port, about 40 times the power compared to USB 2.0.

According to Mitch Obolsky, vice president of Microchip’s USB and Networking Group, the UPD1001 is the first of the family and is a highly flexible and configurable solution that supports the 5 USB-IF standard UPD power profiles plus an additional 25 UPD-compliant profiles for a total of 30 profiles supported by a single chip.

“This will allow designers to select the optimum power profiles in order to meet their specific application requirements,” he said. “Simple configuration is achieved by strapping the two configuration select pins on the UPD1001. Integrated quad-banks of one-time programmable memory allow for further system customization without the need of any external memory components.

The UPD100X family he said is designed for use in a wide range of applications in the consumer (e.g., notebooks, printers and accessories, docking stations, mobile devices and battery chargers), industrial (computers and handheld devices) and automotive markets (e.g., head units, break-out boxes and USB battery chargers), among others.

The ability to deliver 100W of power, while transmitting USB data, creates a single cable of connectivity for all consumer products. With up to 100W of available power, designers can dynamically allocate this power to fast battery charging and system power, he said.

The UPD1001 devices are available now for sampling with volume production expected in July.

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