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Microchip launches JukeBlox 3.2 wireless audio SDK

Microchip Technology Inc. has announed a Wi-Fi audio connectivity platform featuring the new JukeBlox 3.2 platform and software development kit, which supports all of the major mobile and PC operating systems along with the DLNA standard. It includes support for iOS/AirPlay, Android, Windows 8 (mobile and PC), and Mac in one solution. JukeBlox 3.2 operates on all of Microchip’s existing JukeBlox network media processors and modules, and further adds JB Cloud, which streams cloud-based music services while using mobile devices as remote controls. This eliminates the need for mobile devices to act as servers, where they consume power and must stop the music to take phone calls or support other personal audio functions.

Additionally, the SDK has expanded whole-home audio functionality via JB MultiZone 2.0, enabling more simultaneous synchronized audio streaming and control to multiple JB-enabled devices in the home.

The JukeBlox Platform’s expanded MultiZone 2.0 capability supports all the core technologies needed for whole-home audio applications, including the discovery, pairing, group management, control, streaming and synchronization of any audio input source to multiple JB-enabled devices throughout the home.

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