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Microchip launches PIC32MX 32-bit MCUs

Microchip announced a new family of PIC32MX3/4 microcontrollers (MCUs) in 64/16 KB, 256/64 KB and 512/128 KB Flash/Ram configurations.  These new MCUs are coupled with comprehensive software and tools from Microchip for designs in connectivity, graphics, digital audio and general-purpose embedded control.They offer high RAM memory options and high integration of peripherals at a low cost.

The PIC32MX3/4 feature 28 x 10-bit ADCs and 5 UARTS, 105 DMIPS performance, serial peripherals, graphic-display, capacitive-touch, connectivity and digital audio support.

The PIC32MX3/4 family is supported with a comprehensive set of tools and software.  These include general software development tools, such as the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment and the MPLAB XC32 C/C++ compiler.  Application-specific tools include the Microchip Graphics Display Designer X along with the Microchip Graphics Library, which provide a visual design tool that enables quick and easy creation of graphical user interface (GUI) screens for applications.  These MCUs are also supported with a comprehensive set of protocol stacks from Microchip, including TCP/IP, USB Device and Host, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.  The PIC32MX3/4 family is supported by Microchip’s PIC32 USB Starter Kit III and PIC32MX450 100-pin USB PIM for the modular Explorer 16 development system.

Pricing starts at $2.50 each, in 10,000-unit quantities. 

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