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Microchip makes developing 3D Gesture systems easier

Looking to make it easier for developers to use its GestIC technology for adapting the human body’s own natural static electricity field for gesture sensing, Microchip Technology has just made available its MGC3130 Hillstar Development kit for 3D gesturing.

The kit provides designers with an easy, step-by-step approach to develop 3D gesturing systems with Microchip’s MGC3130  and electrodes that meet their specific space requirements.

Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip’s MCU8 Division, claims it is the world’s first single-chip 3D gesture/free space position tracking technology for which the kit has been designed.

He said it is a complete reference platform, consisting of a MGC3130 Module and one example reference electrode as well as several reference electrode designs, the Aurea Graphical User Interface Software, and an I2 USB Bridge Module.

He said the gesturing alternatives made possible with the company’s GestIC Technology will serve a wide range of applications in the computing (e.g., laptops, keyboards, input devices); lighting (e.g., lighting switches and controls); consumer-electronic (e.g., audio docks, printers and copiers); and automotive markets (e.g., automotive interior controls), among others.

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