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Microchip uses NetBeans for IDE to support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Microchip Technology Inc., has developed an entirely new open-source integrated development environment which provides with cross-platform support for Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems.  

Microchip is also continuing to support the current MPLAB 8 environment to help ensure that there are no disruptions on active projects.

The MPLAB X IDE includes the ability to manage multiple projects and tools with simultaneous debugging, an advanced editor, visual call graphs and code completion.  

It supports Microchip's portfolio of 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers — including all 800+ PIC microcontrollers, dsPIC digital signal controllers and memory devices.

It provides a single, unified graphical interface for Microchip and third-party tools, including the MPLAB ICD 3, PICkit 3 and MPLAB REAL ICE debugger/programmers.

MPLAB X is based on the Oracle Sponsored open-source NetBeans platform, which has an active user community that can contribute a range of enhancements and third-party plug-ins.  Users can take advantage of a range of free NetBeans software components and plug-ins that exist today.  

The NetBeans platform allows MPLAB X users to customize the IDE to suit individual development needs.

The IDE provides an import utility to ease migration of projects from old MPLAB IDE platforms, code completion and context menus via advanced editor, and a configurable watch window. It supports multiple compiler versions, simultaneously and provides team collaboration tools for bug tracking and source-code control.

A free download of MPLAB X IDE is available from www.microchip.com/get/D413 and Microchip is inviting feedback via the MPLAB X Users’ Forum .

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