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Microchip’s new capacitive touch controllers offer improved proximity performance

Microchip's CAP12XX capacitive touch controllers provide a wide variety of slider, button and proximity functionality. The new controllers, part of the CAP11XX RightTouch product portfolio, make it easy for designers to add aesthetically pleasing, low-cost touch interfaces.  This six-member family is available in 8- to 16-pin packages.

The CAP12XX controllers serve a wide range of applications in the consumer-electronic (tablets, printers, audio players, small appliances and televisions) and automotive markets (automotive interior controls, central stack and overhead lights), among others.  The family provides improved proximity performance and 3.3V to 5V operation.  It is also a lower-cost option when integrated LED drivers are not required.   

In support of the new devices, Microchip also introduced the CAP1298 Evaluation Board and CAP1188 Evaluation Board

The CAP1203 and CAP1293 are available in 2×3 mm, 8-pin TDFN packages.  The CAP1206 and CAP1296 are available in 3×3 mm, 10-pin DFN packages.  The CAP1208 and CAP1298 are available in 3×3 mm, 16-pin QFN packages. 

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