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Microcode versions give ten-fold boost to IP routing and NAT functions in PowerPC processors

Northborough, Mass.—Two software products, one that speeds up the IP routing and the other network address translation (NAT), both by up to 10 times in Freescale Semiconductor processors containing PowerPC cores, are the latest additions to Arabella Software’s Expedited Fast Path (EFP) product line. The products, EFP Routing and NAT, respectively, are based on Arabella’s asymmetrical multiprocessor architecture and use microcode acceleration blocks for Freescale’s communications processor module (CPM) and QUICC engine.

Conventional IP routing and NAT applications running on a PowerQUICC II handle about 40K packets/sec. In comparison, Arabella’s EFP versions run at 10 times that rate with worst case 64-Kbyte packets. Moreover, no hardware changes are required. Because the software does all performance critical functions in microcode, the improvements are predictable and independent of processor, operating system, or protocol stack; not so with all-software stacks.

Asymmetrical multiprocessing, as implemented in the EFP product line, partitions embedded communications applications into fast- and slow-path functions. Fast-path operations are handled by CPM or QUICC engine microcode and optimized for top performance. Slow-path operations are left for the PowerPC to process.

EFP products can be licensed either as complete solutions under a modified version of Arabella Linux or separately as components and integrated with other control-plane stacks and operating systems.

EFP Routing and NAT products are available now with prices that start at $30,000. EFP licenses charge a one-time fee for each end product that contains them. Alternatively, Arabella offers an annual subscription fee that lets you use the EFP products for a much lower initial payment. All EFP licenses are royalty-free.

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