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Microdisplays investment as CRL Opto is snapped up

FIFE, Scotland — CRLO Displays has been formed by venture capital investors, Amadeus Capital and Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures, with $19 million in funding and has acquired the business of CRL Opto from Scipher.

CRLO will be involved in the design, development and manufacture of silicon-based microdisplays for use in high definition rear projection televisions (RPTVs). It uses full colour, high-resolution F-LCOS (Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology, in which ferroelectric liquid crystal material is sandwiched between a reflective silicon circuit and a glass front plate.

Greg Truman, previously managing director of CRL Opto and MD of the new company said, “This investment enables us to build on our expertise and patented technology. We are excited at the opportunity to bring disruptive products into a growing mass market such as flat screen television with the financial backing of leading European venture capital investors.”

Truman is joined on the board of the new company by Barak Maoz of Amadeus Capital Partners and Soren Hein of Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures.

CRL Opto operated from sites in Dalgety Bay, Scotland and London, near Heathrow. In April it purchased the microdisplay manufacturing assets of MicroVue. In march 2033 it formed an alliancewith U.S-based optical component manufacturer Moxtek to integrate its liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) microdisplays with Moxtek's polarising technology.

Amadeus Capital invests venture capital in new technologies and has backed over 45 companies in the UK and continental Europe, covering computer hardware and software, mobile and fixed communications technologies and new media. Its investments include Cambridge Silicon Radio, Optos, a manufacturer of laser retinal scanners, Solexa, which is developing ultra high speed gene sequencing machines and AePONA, a developer of standards-based software gateways for the telecoms industry.

Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures is an early-stage, venture capital fund with $272 million under management. Its fund is focused on software; communications technologies and semiconductors and has invested in 13 companies in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, France and Scandinavia.

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