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Micromark C&CD wins ITW McMurdo’s distributor award


LONDON — Micromark C&CD has been named 2004 Distributor of the Year by ITW McMurdo, a UK designers and manufacturer of connectors. The company has held the franchise for 17 years and today focuses on McMurdo's ranges of I/O and D-sub, IDC and DIN41612 connectors.

The award, which is only given when a distributor achieves outstanding sales performance, is based on a combination of turnover and growth. According to McMurdo's general manager, Dave Bonnet, “This is the first time for some years that we have presented this award. But during 2004 Micromark C&CD and its parent company Abacus increased turnover of our products by 38 percent. They strengthened their position within our network and have demonstrated a commitment to the franchise.”

Caroline Clayton-Jones, interconnect & emech marketing manager at Micromark C&CD said, “We are delighted with this recognition by an industry leader, whose products represent quality in both their design and manufacture. This award is about more than exceeding our sales targets, which were already up 15% on previous year sales. It's about delivering excellent technical support along with the highest levels of personal service.”

From left: Dave Bonnet, general manager, ITW McMurdo; Sean Baker, distribution manager, ITW McMurdo; AlanSadler, franchise manager, Micromark C&CD and Caroline Clayton-Jones, marketing manager – Interconnect Micromark C&CD

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