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MicroMax: rugged relay systems interface unit

The M-Max 400 RC is a highly reliable computer for building all-electric interlocking distributed systems. The system converts CAN-interface control signals (twisted pair or single-mode fiber) into relay control signals of railroad automation systems. The M-Max 400 RC uses ‘2 out of 2’ architecture for higher reliability. External relays are connected to control outputs in a way to get an AND circuit in signal control.

Each computer has an independent power input and an internal UPS based on ultracapacitors, ensuring up to 40 seconds of operation with the input power cut off. The system allows to maintain 12 or 24 paired relays.     

Additional features include shock handling up to 40g, vibration up to 6g ; operating humidity: 5 to 95 % at +25 °C, non-condensing; IP65 rated dust and moisture protection; operating temperature from -40 to +70 °C.    

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