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Micron debuts high-speed serial twin quad-I/O NOR Flash

At Electronica Micron Technology announced its Twin-Quad family of Serial NOR Flash for providing developers with a migration path by which to double the bandwidth from existing quad-I/O solutions on the market today.

According to Richard De Caro, director of NOR Flash for Micron's embedded business unit, Serial NOR Flash is at the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT) because it is used to store both the code for connectivity modules and the code for the application itself.

He said the new devices allow developers to double the bandwidth over today's quad-I/O devices while maintaining their current system clock frequencies.

This makes it possible, he said to eliminate the need to deal with more complex design methodologies and techniques needed to clock devices at higher frequencies, such as 166 MHz.

Twin-Quad is essentially a combination of two quad-I/O devices in parallel, so developers who already employ two quad-I/O ports to interface with two separate quad-I/O devices simultaneously can eliminate the need for a second, discrete quad-I/O device and save valuable board space while increasing system reliability.

Twin-Quad devices support continuous read throughputs as high as 166 megabytes per second (MB/s) which enables an entire 256-megabit (Mb) device to be read in a mere 0.2 seconds, considerably faster than raw NAND Flash and most Parallel NOR Flash device performance. With these types of performance levels, Twin-Quad can be used either as an eXecute-in-Place (XiP) code storage solution or as a high-speed store-and-download (SnD), code shadowing solution.

He said that with the ability to address “instant on” application requirements and by completely eliminating the need for code shadowing, system responsiveness improves and board space requirements, RAM requirements, system cost, and system complexity decrease.

DeCaro said Micron is now collaborating with Winbond to enable open-standard multi-sourcing of the company's Serial NOR Flash devices.

The Twin-Quad family will sample 256Mb and 512Mb densities in December, followed by 1-gigabit (Gb) in January 2015.

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