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Micron shows off memory muscle with new IoT/M2M MCPs


Micron Technology, Inc . has just released what it is calling the industry's broadest range of embedded multichip-based high and low density NAND Flash + RAM and NOR Flash + RAM MCP devices.

“As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate, OEMs need memory solutions to enable advance functionality in their space-constrained embedded applications,” said Amit Gattani, senior director, segment marketing, Micron’s Embedded Business, “especially for the machine-to-machine and the wearables markets. ”

He said the company's new MCPs (Figure 1 below ) combine both the critical nonvolatile and volatile memory components needed for an application to function and operate. The nonvolatile memory, either NAND or Parallel NOR Flash, is used for the critical boot, operating system (OS), and application code storage. The volatile memory, consisting of either low-power DRAM (LPDRAM) or pseudo-SRAM (PSRAM), is used for temporary storage, working memory, and high-speed operation.

Figure 1. Micron uses its multichip packaging prowress to combine various combinations of nonvolatile NAND and NOR with lowpower DRAM and pseudo-SRAM.

“High-density NAND-based MCPs enable store-and-download (SnD) operation where code is shadowed into DRAM for data-intensive applications,” said Kris Baxter, senior director, Micron’s Embedded Business, “while lower-density NOR-based MCPs enable fast execute-in-place (XiP) operation for enhanced boot-up performance and longer battery life.”

The company, he said, has its focus with this new offerings in serving the rapidly growing IoT and M2M market.  “OEMs are clearly looking for flexible memory solutions that optimize space, density and functionality, to accommodate a diverse array of M2M use cases,” said Baxter.

To serve that market, he said, the company's portfolio includes a broad range of flash/RAM offerings (Figure 2 below ), from 8Gb SLC NAND Flash + 4Gb LPDDR2 DRAM to 32Mb Parallel NOR Flash + 16Mb PSRAM.

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Figure 2. Micron's Multichip NAND and NOR plus RAM combinations.

Each MCP comes in scalable, industry-standard package sizes—such as 6 x 4mm (NOR + PSRAM), 8 x 9mm (NAND + LPDDR), and 8 x 10.5mm (NAND + LPDDR2)—providing very small, low-pin count form factors that can simplify space-constrained applications.

“By combining the common address and data pins of the Flash and DRAM, said Baxter, “our MCPs significantly reduce the overall package ball count and required board space when compared to discrete solutions, thereby improving customers’ manufacturing reliability while reducing their overall system costs.”

To read more about how multichip flash NAND/NOR RAM can be used in emerging embedded IoT and M2M markets, go to “IoT and wearable devices mean rethinking memory design,” or view a YouTube video.

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