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Micron works with AgigA on nonvolatile DIMMs


Memory chip vendor Micron Technology Inc. has signed an agreement with Cypress Semiconductor subsidiary AgigA Tech to jointly develop and offer non-volatile dual in-line memory module (DIMM) products.

The aim of the partnership will leverage Micron's expertise in memory IC, module development and manufacturing with AgigA Tech's IP and patent position in the area of hybrid non-volatile RAM technology to gain a greater foothold in this fast moving market segment.

Micron will offer customers a non-volatile DIMM module that will pair with AgigA Tech's power modules, based on ultracapacitors. The non-volatile DIMM technology provides performance, cost and data security advantages for a wide range of applications, including server RAIDs, storage tiering, data logging, de-duplication, system checkpointing and metadata processing.

Samples of the non-volatile DIMMs are expected in the first quarter of next year.

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