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Microsemi, Emcraft team on embedded SOM

Microsemi Corp. has teamed with Emcraft Systems, a provider of microcontroller-based hardware and software solutions, to deliver a miniaturized system-on-module (SOM) for embedded applications.

The new SOM features Microsemi's SmartFusion customizable system-on-chip (cSoC) devices as well as pre-loaded, royalty-free uClinux in a small 30 millimeter by 57 millimeter package.Both the SOM and a starter kit are available now.

According to Paul Ekas, vice president of Marketing at Microsemi, the SmartFusion cSoC integrates a field programmable logic array (FPGA), ARM Cortex-M3 processor and programmable analog on a single chip.

The uClinux kernel and applications execute on the 100 megahertz 32-bit ARM core, while the integrated SmartFusion peripherals, FPGA fabric, and programmable analog blocks are used to implement various communication interfaces and protocols.

According to Kent Meyer, managing director of Emcraft Systems, the SOM includes 16 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM), 8 MB of flash, an Ethernet PHY, clocks and supporting circuitry, minimizing the number of external requirements necessary on a developer’s baseboard.

Powered from single +3.3 V power supply, the SOM includes a serial console interface, 802.3 Ethernet interface, watchdog timer (WDT), Real-time clock (RTC), and several uncommitted SmartFusion interfaces (including 90+ FPGA I/Os) on the interface.

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