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Microsemi: Switchtec PCIe switches provide 16 GT/s PCIe connectivity

Microsemi announced sampling availability of its Switchtec Gen 4 PCIe switches, enabling customers to build next-generation high performance, low latency interconnect solutions in high growth markets including machine learning, data center servers and storage equipment. The new generation of PCIe switches offer high density and reliability as well as low power. With significant intellectual property reuse from our Gen 3 to Gen 4 PCIe switches, customers can leverage much of their Switchtec management software, drivers, firmware, and development tool investments—providing a lower risk, quicker time to revenue solution.

The Switchtec Gen 4 PCIe switches are GPU-optimized with low pin-to-pin latency and low latency variation for optimal machine learning workload performance. Other features include up to 100 line-rate capable PCIe lanes as well as an integrated high-performance cut-through direct memory access (DMA) engine. High-reliability features include hot- and surprise-plug support, end-to-end data integrity and best-in-class debugging with the ChipLink diagnostics tool.

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