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Microstar simplifies data acquisition synchronization


The new Time Base Synchronization module from Microstar Laboratories provides a modern, DSP-based approach to obtaining time-aligned sampled data sets from multiple measurement stations that monitor a common time base signal. The module uses xDAP data acquisition equipment and sophisticated processing to achieve high-quality measurements with much more flexibility than typical hardware-only solutions.

The Time Base Synchronization module observes the timing reference signal and the measured signals in a common multichannel data stream. It should seem reasonable that when you can see the timing pulses and the data samples together in the same data set, it is clear where they align. Using basic sampling theory, samples that form a valid representation of the signal are sufficient to determine the value of the signal at any point, not just at sample positions. So the Time Base Synchronization module picks the points where you want them, so that they line up with the reference time base, at exactly the sample rate that you want. Configuring this processing requires two commands: one to perform the timing analysis, and the other to apply the numerical evaluations.

The Time Base Synchronization Module is available with the DAPtools Standard software package, with purchase of an xDAP data acquisition system from Microstar Laboratories, or as a software upgrade. DAPtools Software also provides the DAPL 3000 system, the processing engine that controls all of the real-time processing within the embedded xDAP environment. DAPtools supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server, and Windows 2000 on the PC host system. Also included with DAPtools Standard software are modules for advanced rotating machinery rate analysis and for digital countermeasures to aliasing.

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