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MicroSys: Embedded Edge computing with NPX LS1028A CPU & IEEE TSN


MicroSys has designed a new CPU System on Module, the miriac MPX-LS1028A SoM. It is based on NXP's latest QorIQ Layerscape processor, the LS1028A. This processor with two powerful 64-bit ARM Cortex A72 cores is targeted at industrial applications and the defining feature is support for IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). In addition to TSN, the other novel features of the LS1028A are an integrated 3D GPU with support for a 4K display and 2 CAN interfaces each supporting flexible data rate (CAN FD). An integrated-on chip cryptography engine and a secure boot option allow safe and se-cure operation as required for IoT or Industry 4.0 applications. For this SoM, a complete system solution and development kit is available now.

The miriac SBC-LS1028A-TSN platform is the combination of a miriac MPX-LS-1028A SoM and the carrier board CRX07. The system combines a rich I/O infrastructure, high compute power, high speed communication inter-faces with the upcoming requirement of se-cure real time communication over Ethernet (TSN) on a small board footprint. The integrated graphic interface complements the system functionality for versatile applications.

The development kit offers a perfect means to implement rugged designs with the aim to withstand extreme and harsh environments. Typical applications are found in automotive, industrial automation, medical, railways & transportation, construction and defense market segments. The new MPX-LS1028A SoM is connected to the carrier board via a standard edge connector (MXM2.0 socket). Its dimensions are 62.11 x 45mm.

The flexible miriac MPX module carrier concept in combination with the provided board support packages of operating systems, is an excellent platform for rapid prototyping and fast market access.

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