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MicroSys: RTOS Microware OS-9 Version 6.1 with embedded graphics XiBase9

IoT and Industry 4.0 require new approaches to operate machines. In addition to local human machine interfaces at the machine, web-based services to manage and survey functions remotely are a key ingredient to move forward in industrial automation applications. Fast, reliable and secure communication infrastructures, established browser technology and smart devices are the foundation for location independent man machine interaction. A technological challenge is to create a local and browser-based visualization for that environment, to accommodate typical embedded sys-tems that are usually not designed as graphic power horses. For that XiSys Software, known for its for decades industrial proven embedded graphics solutions XiBase 9, has developed a hybrid server, which combines both functionalities very efficiently.

The RTOS Microware OS-9 Version 6.1 complements XiBase9 especially if system reliability, fast boot sequences and fast responses on external events are application requirements. The structured architecture of OS-9 allows small footprint designs at cost effective project and product costs.

Key features of the new XiBase9 with the RTOS Microware OS-9 include WEB visualization supported by common browsers like, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. The basis of the Man Machine Interface on the smart devices are standard HTML5 technologies like WEB sockets, canvas objects or java script. No special and dedicated apps, plug ins or cookies are required. Safe communication is provided by SHA1 encryption as well as automatic support of local user interface, e.g. touch, multi touch and support of individual, animated objects. The new version allows small system footprint, e.g. low power, high performance, cost effective designs. Local graphics are available for ARM, PowerPC and x86 CPU architectures. Fast boot sequences of, e.g. 2 secs from system reset to a running graphic app have been shown. XiBase9 and Microware OS-9 have been proven for many years in industrial grade applications. Engineering support and professional services for XiBase9 and Microware OS-9 are available locally even down to source code level.

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