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MicroTCA interoperability comes under the microscope


LONDON — PICMG Europe is organizing the first microTCA interoperability workshop in Europe to help ensure that the multi-vendor products in one system are supported.

To be held at Schroff/Pentair facility at Straubenhardt near Stuttgart, Germany, on Sept 24-27, which will focus on interoperability logistics; hotels, transportation, shipping etc.

While this interoperability workshop is primarily for MicroTCA, participation is also invited from companies who want to bring ATCA systems with an AMC carrier. The detailed preparation and testing to be carried out at this workshop will help to drive AdvancedTCA, AdvancedMC and MicroTCA implementations and should resolve interoperability issues early in the design process and in a cooperative environment enables vendors to get products to market faster.

Participation is open to all members PICMG and PICMG Europe. Testing will be conducted in a protected, confidential environment, allowing participants to test and resolve any inconsistencies.

Details of all PICMG Europe activities and information on its specifications can be found at the PICMG Europe website.

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