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Microwave resistor sample kits available


TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has developed a sample kit of its ball-grid termination arrays, attenuators and discrete terminators, which deliver high-frequency performance in commercial and military communication systems, industrial equipment, medical systems and automotive assemblies. Typical applications include wireless applications such as satellite, radar and microwave data link, as well as cable television, set-top box, computer bus and high-speed router & switch backplane termination circuits. The TaNFilm technology lets designers incorporate very stable resistors with high frequency characteristics into their high-speed digital and microwave designs. The kit gives them access to engineering samples for their prototype designs. IRC's proprietary TaNFilm thinfilm tantalum nitride resistive process produces self-passivating resistive elements with excellent environmental performance, even in moist conditions, eliminating reliability issues that can arise with nichrome resistance elements under similar conditions. The sample kit includes a selection of 1206 thin-film surface-mount attenuators with attenuation values of 3, 6, 10, and 20 dB at 50- and 75-ê impedances; isolated and bused BGA network terminators, which contain high-density networks on a reduced footprint; and high-frequency resistor chip terminators, sizes 0603 and 0805. To request a free microwave kit, visit the IRC Web site at www.irctt.com.

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